II Alpha Courses

North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun

This class covers several important topics including the North Carolina use of force curriculum, handgun safety, marksmanship fundamentals, safe storage, cleaning and maintenance of handguns/firearms, and developing a personal and home protection plan.

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NC Concealed Carry Handgun Simulation Package

In addition to the basic NC CCH course, this SIM package includes Reality Based Simulation Training and more live-fire range time. Not only will you walk away with the ability to get your NC State issued CCH permit, you will also have the skills and confidence to protect you and your loved onces if put in a life-threatening situation.

NC Real Estate Agent Continuing Education Elective Course

In addition to the basic Real Estate Agent Safety mini class, this course will cover marksmanship fundamentals, gun safety and cleaning, and developing a personal and home protection. The course will then finish with a Refuse To Be A Victim seminar.

This is a 4-hour course and meets the requirements for the NC Real Estate Commission's CEUs.