Private Instruction – NC Concealed Carry Qualification Prep

From: $250.00

This is a 2 hour training. Targets and range time is included.


The NC Concealed Carry course is designed for citizens who are ready to apply for a Concealed Carry permit. Therefore, it is assumed that students can independently load, unload, and safely fire a handgun. Students must, at minimum, shoot a standard B-27 target at 3, 5, and 7 yards with 70% accuracy in order to pass this qualification.

This private instruction is designed to prepare students for the above shooting qualification. All first-time students will receive a shot group evaluation to assess skills and set a benchmark against which progress will be measured. Students will need a defensive caliber handgun (.380 and above) and 50-75 rounds of ammunition.

All students that book this private instruction will receive $50 off the NC Concealed Carry Handgun course and will be allowed to pre-qualify during this private session (register here). This will satisfy the range portion of the course and the student will only be required to attend the in-class portion of the class.


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